Password storage you can trust

For even the novice computer user the internet has become a place of multiple web addresses, accounts and passwords. The personal information needed for this is often stored in spreadsheets, hidden notes around the house, and sometimes dangerously on portable devices such as flash drives and memory cards.

It’s a mess – Many are left scratching around for hours trying to find the account information they need right this second...

Problem solved!!

WebSafe - Password Protection

WebSafe stores all your web addresses, accounts and passwords safely in an encrypted file on your PC.

To run the application all you need to do is enter one of your stored passwords. Once WebSafe has loaded on your screen you can easily access your account information through the simple one touch account menu.

Even better, at the click of a button you can load up a memory stick. So when you're away from your own computer you can still run WebSafe directly from the memory stick – and leave no trace on the other PC you're using.

If you lose the memory stick – no problem. The thief would need two passwords to access the data, and the data itself is encrypted.

Key Features

  • 100% protection guaranteed
  • Simple User Interface
  • Runs securely from portable devices (Such as memory stick)
  • £10 one time purchase, Free upgrades

Click on the download link to the right of this page to install today!


Download WebSafe here Password protection you can trust!