About MoneyBox

The story so far

MoneyBox was established in 1981 to give users a clear understanding of their financial position. Since that time, MoneyBox has grown year on year, becoming one of the leading financial software packages in the world.

MoneyBox has over 100,000 users, in 50 different countries, averaging above 1,000 new unique downloads per month.

MoneyBox is a tool aimed very specifically at individuals and small enterprises. It will continue to respond to the needs of users as they cope with the ever increasing need to keep control of their finances.

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  • MoneyBox can help you keep track of your cashflow with the help of graphs. It also handles accounts in foreign currencies and will download data from online bank accounts and from other personal finance programs such as the nowdefunct Quicken. The paid-for version offers more advanced functions, including VAT.The Daily Telegraph
  • One of the easiest financial management programs I have ever used.Jeydee, the consumerist.com
  • The best alternative to Quicken that I know is Moneybox. I have been using Moneybox for some time and I can't fault it. It has really helped tremendously with my personal finance.pj123, pcadvisor.co.uk
  • Isn't version 9 vastly better to handle that previous versions, thoroughly intuitive. JD, Sutton Coldfield
  • Thanks for all your help - not every software provider is so supportive. DB, Birmingham
  • Thank you for the info. I did as you suggested and all is working fine again. My faith in your excellent accounts package is restored. PM , Sutton, Surrey
  • It speaks volumes for your product that you replied so quickly and helpfully. I will certainly recommend it any of my friends. ND, Grays, Essex

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