For small business

If you’re a small business looking to better manage your financial situation, MoneyBox is the perfect tool to help:

Preparing invoices is as easy as entering ordinary payments and receipts plus you get full sales analysis by customer, product etc.

Use the reconciliation facilities to track exactly which invoices have been paid. Manage your cash flow with 30, 60, 90 day analysis of Bank, Charge, Customer and Supplier accounts. View what products you have sold to which customers.

Just by entering the tax rate for each transaction, you have full Sales and Value Added Tax accounting and reporting. Doing your VAT return is a 5 minute breeze. You know at any time how much you are due to pay over to the tax man.

Ship accounting year to your accountant for audit including opening and closing Trial Balance. Seamlessly reincorporate and lock audited accounts.

Key Features

  • Sales Ledger
  • Multiple User Access Controls
  • Annual audit integration
  • Customer Database
  • Customer and Supplier account reconciliation
  • Fully automated VAT / Sales tax handling

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