Why use MoneyBox

Keeping ahead

MoneyBox is the perfect money management software tool to help you stay on top of your personal finance. MoneyBox intuitively illustrates the key concepts of good money management:

Learn the rules
  • don't spend more than you can afford
  • satisfy 'needs' before 'wants'
  • avoid easy credit, it can be very expensive
  • borrow from your Bank not your Credit Cards
Keep the score
  • know how much you pay for credit
  • know if you are spending more than you earn
  • know if you are spending more than you planned
  • know how much you can save
Improve your technique
  • use last year's figures to manage this year better
  • increase the assets that earn you money
  • decrease the liabilities that cost you money

In addition, there are several "thresholds” of understanding:

  1. Managing the flow of money into and out of your Bank and Charge accounts without paying too many interest charges.
  2. Knowing whether your Income exceeds your Expenses, what you did with your surplus or how you financed your deficit.
  3. Knowing what your Net Worth is, how that is made up of assets that earn you money and liabilities that cost you money.

A clear understanding of your financial position is the foundation for achieving many ambitions.

MoneyBox was developed to make all of the above as simple and as stress free as possible. MoneyBox will enable you to gain a full understanding of your finances, but the basis of this understanding is having the patience to enter all your receipts and payments.

To understand more about specific MoneyBox features please visit our home, professional and small business pages. In addition you can also take the MoneyBox product tour.

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